Caribbean Sea Fest 2023: a poster in hot pink, purple, bright yellows, and oranges has two partying figures with festive costuming, palm tree and ocean wave silhouettes, it reads Pier 62 Waterfront Park, Caribbean SEa Fest 2023 music, food, culture, starts as 12pm, and shows 5 tiny sponsor logos at the bottom.

Caribbean Sea Fest 2023

Pier 62 | Free
Sunday August 13, 2023, 12–7 pm
This event has passed

Celebrate the Caribbean community of the Pacific Northwest at Caribbean Sea Fest!

Open to all ages!

Seattle Caribbean Festival aims to bring together the culturally and linguistically diverse members of the Caribbean Community in the Pacific Northwest along with those interested in learning and experiencing Caribbean cultural expressions to share in a day of cultural performances, cultural expression, and cultural exchange.

Photo from Caribbean SeaFest 2022 by Robert Wade.

Photo from Caribbean SeaFest 2022 by Robert Wade

Schedule of Events

12:00 PM | Opening, Welcome, and Coast Salish Sea and Land Acknowledgment

  • Honorable Cecile Hansen, Chairwoman of the Duwamish
  • Dr. Sharon-Rose Davidson Fitch, Trinidad and Tobago,
  • Col. Wallace Sterling, Chief of the Mooretown Yenkunkun (Maroons) of Jamaica
  • Tekina Tai Pelli, International Affairs and Human Rights Officer of the United Confederation of Taíno People
  • Alahn Noriega, Jamaican Princess Music

12:15 PM | Capoeira with Santiago Crosby-Vega

12:30 PM | Double Dutch Divas with Bobi Céspedes

12:45 PM | Soccer with Sheldon Gray and Raymond Connell, Jamaica Honorary Council to Seattle Children’s Soccer

1:00 PM | Panamá Folklore: Bailes y Alegrías with Rae-Ann Barras

1:30 PM | From Ngoma to Bomba: A Cultural Exchange of Puerto Rico and Tanzania presented by…

  • Nyaiko Mbwambo
  • Grupo Bayano
  • Sankofa ECE Students of Evergreen State College

2:00 PM | Speech from Hagucha Garinagu

2:30 PM | Jose Carrión and Todo Folklore Cubano with support from…

  • Nayabingi Drumming
  • Donae Gray
  • Marcus Frances
  • Jah Phil

Photo from Caribbean SeaFest 2022 by Robert Wade

Photo from Caribbean SeaFest 2022 by Robert Wade

Photo from Caribbean SeaFest 2022 by Robert Wade

3:00 PM | Kiddie Carnival

3:15 PM | Speech from Chipuco Martinez

3:30 PM | Performance from Atlas González

3:45 PM | Performance from Reezy Rey

4:00 PM | DJ Afreesha Cee

4:15 PM | Tiembla Tierra

4:30 PM | Bachata Dance Lesson with Dominicanos Unidos, José Martínez, and El General

4:45 PM | DJ OSP Entertainment

5:00 PM | DJ Frantz

5:15 PM | DJ Garifuna Punta

5:30 PM | DJ Redman

6:15 PM | Speeches and Performances from…

  • Jay Royer
  • Anthony Gonzalez
  • Caribbean Seafest Moko Jumbies:
    • Emilio Gonzalez
    • Mercedes Gonzalez
    • Rey Rosario
    • Lawford Licorish-Burnett

6:30 PM | Trinidadian Mas’: “The Four Elements” with support from…

  • Y2K Sounds
  • Designers Duston Sobers (King Costume), Fitzgerald DeFreitas and Dionne Licorish (Queen Costume)
  • Design Team: Isolina Campbell Cronin, Yvonne Licorish, Rae-Ann Barras, Sharon Cronin, Renée Almatierra, Amanda
  • Queen of Carnival: Dionne Licorish
  • King of Carnival: Tunde Weekes Licorish & Marisol Gonzalez

Times listed are subject to change.

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Caribbean Sea Fest is August 13 this year. 2022 photo by Robert Wade.

Caribbean Sea Fest 2022, photo by Robert Wade

Caribbean Sea Fest 2022, photo by Robert Wade

Caribbean Sea Fest 2022, photo by Robert Wade

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