New plants can be found next to Buster Simpson's SeaBearers sculptures. Photos courtesy of the City of Seattle.

Reconnect with nature and each other at Waterfront Park

Green spaces, bike lanes, and pedestrian‑focused infrastructure are coming to Seattle's new 20‑acre public park.

A couple of people lean over a fire pit on Pier 62 to roast marshmallows.

S'mores on the Shore 2023 photo by Jocelyn RC

S'mores on the Shore is back

On April 27th, join our friends from REI at Pier 62 where we'll be gathering around the fire pit, getting cozy with community, and enjoying tasty treats.

Photo from Beats on the Pier 2023 by Jo Cosme.

Get ready for Pier Party 2024

Save the date! On July 26th, step into the future at our annual fundraiser on Pier 62, where we will be celebrating Seattle's transformation at Waterfront Park with retro‑futuristic art and entertainment.

Pier Party tickets on sale now!

Tickets are now available for Pier Party, Friends of Waterfront Seattle’s 2nd annual fundraiser, featuring a night of inspiring art and performances, James Beard award winning food and drinks, and a look into the bright future of Seattle’s Waterfront Park!

Get your tickets today and join us on July 26th for an unforgettable night!

Photo of Shoreline Alley paving in Pioneer Square courtesy of the City of Seattle

Photo of Shoreline Alley paving in Pioneer Square courtesy of the City of Seattle

Construction Update: Pioneer Square

Throughout March, the City laid down paving along the the historic Elliott Bay shoreline, one by one, marking a significant milestone in the park’s transformation. In Pioneer Square, improvements include unique design elements such as “Shoreline Alley” pavement markings, artfully mimicking the original location of the historic shoreline from the mid-to-late 19th century. Contrasting patterns of light and dark brick pavers will line the alleyway crossings on S Main and S Washington streets. The visual markings help pedestrians explore the unique history of the area while strolling along the historic shoreline.

Watch a timelapse video to see the transformation first hand capturing the brick-laying progress.

A woman with a camera looks out at Elliott Bay from Pier 62. A ship can be seen on the water against a blue sky and the Olympic mountain range. Photo by Jo Cosme.

Pier 62 at Waterfront Park. Photo by Jo Cosme.

Photo from Waterfront Block Party 2023 by Erik Holsather

Pier 62 Updates

Event Rentals

We are piloting our Event Rental program this year! While there will be limited availability this year due to ongoing construction, we are accepting applications and inquiries for private rentals for 2024 and 2025. Follow the link below to learn more.

Restroom Closure

Due to construction, the restrooms at Pier 62 will be removed from March 16th through June 22nd. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Please plan your visit accordingly. You may refer to this link to locate other public restrooms.