FICA Capoeira Angola at Spotlight on the Waterfront, Fall 2021 - Photo by Yiling Wong

Capoeira Angola

Pier 62 | Free
Friday April 1, 2022, 4–6 pm
Friday October 29, 2021, 3–5 pm
This event has passed

Experience local music, art, and culture performances late afternoons on Fridays 4pm ‑ 6pm. Discover Seattle at Pier 62.

All ages welcome

Spotlight on the Waterfront engages audiences of all ages to experience music and visual performances along the new waterfront. Set on one of the city’s most scenic locations, Pier 62, this series provides audiences a chance to discover the region’s arts and culture.

This ‘pop-up’ program is a platform for local artists and cultural communities to introduce themselves, their songs, dance, and cultures, to a wide audience. These performances encourage a sense of spontaneity for neighbors, visitors and other community members along the downtown Seattle shoreline.

Check back as more artists are announced.

FICA Capoeira Angola at Spotlight on the Waterfront, Fall 2021 - Photo by Yiling Wong

FICA Capoeira Angola at Spotlight on the Waterfront October 29, 2021 - Photo by Yiling Wong

FICA Capoeira Angola at Spotlight on the WAterfront October 29, 2021 - Photo by Yiling Wong

An awesome black man in a crisp white short and khakis crouches while dodging his fellow sparing partner's foot, the other man has two hands on the floor, one leg up high and one leg mid-swing across. Onlookers in yellow shirts and black pants sit in a circle (a capoeira roda) on the floor.

The International Capoeira Angola Foundation (ICAF) was founded in 1995 by Mestre Cobra Mansa, Mestre Jurandir, and Mestre Valmir in order to cultivate, preserve, and grow the Afro-Brazilian cultural art Capoeira Angola. The Seattle branch of ICAF was established in 1997 by Mestre Jurandir with the support of a small group of dedicated students. Housed in the vibrant space of the Union Cultural Center, their mission is to connect and empower the Pacific Northwest community through Capoeira Angola and cultural arts. The Seattle chapter is one of 29 ICAF groups around the world. Maestro Silvio Doe Reis of the Seattle chapter shares, “I see capoeira as a powerful tool to educate, build self-esteem, and develop our critical view of the world. Capoeira promotes interpersonal and social healing through the learning of its fundamentals such as movements, music, history, and philosophy.”

Capoeira Angola returns to Spotlight after being in the fall line-up for 2021.

Hosted by Friends of Waterfront Seattle

Friends of Waterfront Seattle (“Friends”) is the nonprofit partner to the City of Seattle responsible for helping to fund, build, steward, and program the park — today and into the future. In deep collaboration with individuals, communities, and institutional partners, Friends’ mission is creating, caring for, and activating a renewed place on Seattle’s central shoreline to connect — to the water, to the mountains, to our city, and to one another. In addition to raising $110M by 2024 to fund park construction, Friends will provide funding and manage the programming and operations of the future Waterfront Park through a joint-delivery partnership with Seattle Parks & Recreation. Park construction has begun following the Viaduct’s removal and the first piece of the park — Pier 62 — is now open.

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