Xopantla Tianquitli 2022. Photo by Sunny Martini.

Festival Xopantla Tianquiztli

Pier 62 | Free
Saturday September 9, 2023, 1–8 pm
This event has passed

Únanse a nosotros para celebrar como comunidad en el Muelle 62 en Seattle Waterfront.

Xopantla Tianquiztli Festival ‑ Join us in celebrating as a community at Pier 62 on the Seattle Waterfront.

All ages

Festival Xopantla Tianquiztli

el sábado 9 de septiembre:

La palabra “Xopantla” significa en tiempos de verdor y “Tianquiztli” se refiere a un mercado al aire libre, ambas palabras provienen del náhuatl, lengua indígena hablada por los aztecas.

Creemos que los mercados callejeros son restos fascinantes de la era prehispánica y siguen siendo muy importantes para el intercambio comercial de la mayoría de las comunidades y también una excelente manera de comunicar ideas y abogar por la comunidad.


Están todos invitados a aprender, celebrar y experimentar la belleza y la riqueza del arte y la cultura tradicional mexicana a través de un mercado público que destaca artistas y vendedores locales de la región. Mientras admira a los artistas, puede comprar, saborear la comida mexicana al estilo de la calle, beber y disfrutar de bebidas inspiradas en el tequila y a emocionarse con lo que sucederá durante el día.

El evento es ideal para familias y encontraran actividades que todas las edades pueden disfrutar.

Xopantla Tianquiztli se presenta en colaboración con el Comité del Festival del Día de Muertos, dedicado a preservar la cultura y las tradiciones.


Saturday, September 9:

The word “Xopantla” means in verdant times, and “Tianquiztli” refers to an open-air market, which both words come from Nahuatl, an indigenous language spoken by the Aztecs.

We believe that street markets are fascinating remains of the pre-Hispanic era and are still very important for the commercial exchange of most communities and also a great way to communicate ideas and advocate for the community.


You’re all invited to learn, celebrate, and experience the beauty and richness of traditional Mexican arts and culture through a public market highlighting artists and local vendors from the region. As you admire the performers, you can shop, savor street-style Mexican food, sip and enjoy tequila-inspired concoctions, and be moved by what happens throughout the day.

The event is family-friendly, and you’ll find activities that all ages can enjoy.

Xopantla Tianquiztli (XŌPAN, -TLAH TIĀNQUIZ-TLI) is presented in partnership with the Dia de Muertos Festival Committee, dedicated to preserving culture and traditions.

¡No te pierdas los próximos conciertos, celebraciones y clases en Pier 62!

Xopantla Tianquiztli 2022 at Pier 62. Photo by Sunny Martini.

Horario de Eventos / Schedule of Events

1:10 PM Ceremonia de Apertura / Opening Ceremony

1:15 PM Huecha Omeyocan

2:00 PM Joyas Mestizas

2:35 PM Mexican Consulate

3:05 PM Correo Aereo

4:10 PM Seattle Fandango Project

5:15 PM Hunters Family

5:50 PM Grupo Folklorico Nuestras Raices

6:25 PM Hunters Family

7:00 PM Bailadores de Bronce

8:00 PM Fin del Evento / End of Event


Horarios sujetos a cambio sin previo aviso / Schedule is subject to change without prior notice.

Xopantla Tianquiztli 2022 at Pier 62. Photo by Sunny Martini.

Xopantla Tianquiztli 2022 at Pier 62. Photo by Sunny Martini.

Xopantla Tianquiztli 2022 at Pier 62. Photo by Sunny Martini.

Artistas / Performers

Seattle Fandango Project

The Seattle Fandango Project aims to create convivencia through music, dance and singing. Taking its model from the Fandango tradition of Veracruz Mexico, the Seattle Fandango Project comes together weekly to teach and learn the music and dance of Veracruz in an open invitation to anyone interested in this participatory gathering.


Grupo Folklórico Nuestras Raíces

Grupo Folklórico Nuestras Raíces is a group that began activities in October 2015. We’re made up of young people with Mexican roots and traditions, with the intention of keeping our culture alive, we have a taste for folk music and a passion for dance and motivated to have our young generations related to the folklore of our country.


Joyas Mestizas

Joyas Mestizas is proud to preserve the rich Mexican culture through traditional dance, music, and regional costuming. Joyas Mestizas is Seattle area’s first Mexican Folklorico Youth Group and perform on a regular basis at a variety of events such as Folklife Festival, Fiestas Patrias, the Hispanic Seafair, and a wide variety of other community events and celebrations.

Más Artistas / More Performers

Baliadores de Bronce

Bailadores de Bronce promotes the beauty and richness of Mexican traditions through music and dance in the Pacific Northwest. These artists create a bridge of understanding among all people by sharing our culture, preserving our traditions and instilling pride in our youth.


Correo Aereo

Correo Aereo (translating to ‘Air Mail’ and pronounced ‘cor-ray-o  eye-air-e-o’), play traditional folk music from Latin America, with a focus on music from Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela, Cuba and Afro-Peru. Correo Aereo has won acclaim for their unique sound, layering multi-instrumental string and percussive instrumentals over silky rich vocals.

Xopantla Tianquiztli 2022

Photo by Adam Lu.

Photo by Adam Lu.

Xopantla Tianquiztli 2022 at Waterfront Park. Photo by Sunny Martini.

Xopantla Tianquiztli 2022 at Pier 62. Photo by Sunny Martini.


En colaboración con el Comité Día de Muertos Seattle | Presented in partnership with the Dia de Muertos Festival Committee

Hosted by Friends of Waterfront Seattle

Friends of Waterfront Seattle (“Friends”) is the nonprofit partner to the City of Seattle responsible for helping to fund, build, steward, and program the park — today and into the future. In deep collaboration with individuals, communities, and institutional partners, Friends’ mission is creating, caring for, and activating a renewed place on Seattle’s central shoreline to connect — to the water, to the mountains, to our city, and to one another. In addition to raising $110M by 2024 to fund park construction, Friends will provide funding and manage the programming and operations of the future Waterfront Park through a joint-delivery partnership with Seattle Parks & Recreation. Park construction has begun following the Viaduct’s removal and the first piece of the park — Pier 62 — is now open.

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