Unkitawa Photo (FolkLife 2017)

Unkitawa Waterfront Indigenous Celebration

Pier 62 | Free
Saturday August 26, 2023, 12–6 pm
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Celebrate with Unkitawa through contemporary and traditional performances that honor Native American and Indigenous culture!

All ages welcome

Unkitawa and Friends will be celebrating Native American and Indigenous culture at the iconic Pier 62 this summer! Join us in celebration with an array of performances including music performances, a coastal jam, powwow dance style demonstrations, and social dances. Also drop by and support local businesses and nonprofits in the vendor marketplace.

Photo by Erik Holsather.

Photo by Erik Holsather.


10:00 AM – Welcoming ceremonies

11:30 AM – Spearfish Drum Group

12:00 PMPeter Ali, Flutist

1:00 PM – JP Falcon Grady, Rhythm And Blues/Songwriter

2:00 PM – Hoop Dance w/ Ryan Yellowjohn

2:30 PM – Powwow Dance Style Demonstrations

  • Denelle Stanley (Ute/Navajo/Shawnee/Creek) Women’s Fancy Shawl
  • Dravus Coin (Ute/Navajo/Hopi/Shawnee/Creek/Thompson) Prairie Chicken Dance
  • Ryan Yellowjohn (Shoshone Bannock/Quechan) Grass/Fancy/Hoop
  • Grace Yellowjohn (Quinault/Quechan) Traditional
  • Harmony Yellowjohn (Quinault/Quechan) Jingle
  • Eseayana Yellowjohn (Quinault /Quechan) Fancy
  • Carmen Herrera (Apsaaloke/Crow tribe) Seafair powwow princess

5:00 PM – G’anak’w & Haan Dei I Jin, Coastal Canoe Family

6:00 PM – End Days Event (Approximate)

Exact times subject to change.

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Unkitawa is centered on traditional practices to help and support communities through ceremony, art, and culture. “Unkitawa” is the Lakota word meaning “ours” “yours” “and mine”. It is the embodied concept of what is mine, is equally yours, therefore we are equally responsible to care for each other.

For the last 6 years, Unkitawa has been bringing traditional ceremonies to the people in King County, Washington, and various states.

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