Women wearing white dresses with colorful hemming and embroidery dance.

Joyas Mestizas at Dia de Muertos 2021, Photo by Adam Lu

Joyas Mestizas

Pier 62 | Free
Friday March 25, 2022, 4–6 pm
Tuesday October 26, 2021, 3–5 pm
This event has passed

Experience local music, art, and culture performances late afternoons on Fridays 4pm ‑ 6pm. Discover Seattle at Pier 62.

All ages welcome

Spotlight on the Waterfront engages audiences of all ages to experience music and visual performances along the new waterfront. Set on one of the city’s most scenic locations, Pier 62, this series provides audiences a chance to discover the region’s arts and culture.

This ‘pop-up’ program is a platform for local artists and cultural communities to introduce themselves, their songs, dance, and cultures, to a wide audience. These performances encourage a sense of spontaneity for neighbors, visitors and other community members along the downtown Seattle shoreline.

Check back as more artists are announced.

Joyas Mestizas at Dia de Muertos 2021, Photo by Adam Lu

Children in somewhat traditional Mexican garb pose for a photo outside in the sun. The boys wear cowboy hats, tan pants and white shirts while the girls where colorful floorlength dresses.
Two adolescents on a stage in traditional Mexican garb, are smiling and looking at each other mid-dance.

Joyas Mestizas is proud to preserve the rich Mexican culture through traditional dance, music, and regional costuming. Joyas Mestizas has been performing in front of audiences in Western Washington since 1988. Joyas Mestizas is the Seattle area’s first Mexican Folklorico Youth Group. They perform on a regular basis at a variety of events such as Folklife Festival, Fiestas Patrias, the Hispanic Seafair, and a wide variety of other community events and celebrations.


Joyas Mestizas es un groupo de baile folklorico dedicado a preservar la rica cultural Mexicana a través de la danza tradicional, la música y el vestuario regional. Joyas Mestizas se ha presentado frente al público en el oeste de Washington desde 1988. Somos el primer grupo juvenil folclórico mexicano del área de Seattle. Actuamos regularmente en una variedad de eventos como Folklife Festival, Fiestas Patrias, Hispanic Seafair y una amplia variedad de otros eventos y celebraciones de la comunidad.

Joyas Mestizas returns after being in the Fall 2021 line-up and performing at Dia de Muertos celebration at Pier 62.

Hosted by Friends of Waterfront Seattle

Friends of Waterfront Seattle (“Friends”) is the nonprofit partner to the City of Seattle responsible for helping to fund, build, steward, and program the park — today and into the future. In deep collaboration with individuals, communities, and institutional partners, Friends’ mission is creating, caring for, and activating a renewed place on Seattle’s central shoreline to connect — to the water, to the mountains, to our city, and to one another. In addition to raising $110M by 2024 to fund park construction, Friends will provide funding and manage the programming and operations of the future Waterfront Park through a joint-delivery partnership with Seattle Parks & Recreation. Park construction has begun following the Viaduct’s removal and the first piece of the park — Pier 62 — is now open.

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