Photo from Indigiqueer Festival 2023 by Jo Cosme

Indigiqueer Festival

Pier 62 | Free
Saturday June 29, 3–8:30 pm
This event has passed

Indigiqueerz and Indigiqueer allies: kick off Seattle Pride weekend by enjoying food, drag, music, dance, and more, backdropped by the Salish Sea!

Open to all ages!

Guma' Gela' on stage at Indigiqueer at Waterfront Park (a beautiful person in an irridescent gold dress, with sky blue paint lines adorning their legs 2022, walks the stage runway as attendees look on. A blue sky and downtown Seattle skyline are visible behind. A person and child appear to be stepping on to the stage as well.) Photo by Robert Wade.

Guma' Gela' on stage at Indigiqueer 2022 at Waterfront Park. Photo by Robert Wade.

About the Festival

Celebrate Pride weekend with our Two-Spirit/Indigiqueer community through drag, music, dance and more! Join us for an evening of Indigiqueer joy surrounded by the Salish Sea.

The Indigiqueer Festival demonstrates the beauty and power of Indigiqueer/Two-Spirit people, who’ve existed on this land since time immemorial. This event provides a chance for us to gather and celebrate our community.

Thank you for being a part of this celebration!

Schedule of Events

3PM – The Evening Star

3:45PM – Welcome

4:00PM – Music

5:30PM – Dance

6PM – Drag with music intermission with Guma’ Gela’

7:45  – DJ

3 to 8pm – Activities

  • Art Activity with Eileen Jimenez
  • Care Tent with Rose Island Farms

Performer Bios

The Evening Star

Musician, DJ

The bright, the shining, the evening star. Genre & gender bending, the evening star was born in the INDIGEQUEER parties, as she realized that there was a serious lack of Queer Native dance music. Her first single “DONT LET THEM COLONIZE THAT P*SSY” is out everywhere.

Hailey Tayathy

Drag Performer

The queer Quileute drag queen living in Seattle was Puyallup Tribe Pride Royalty 2023 and recognized by MOPOP as a local queer icon in 2021. They’ve organized Indigenous drag shows for various events in the Seattle area, but the Indigiqueer Festival is their favorite.

Gathered in this Place

2S/LBGTQ+ Community and Drum Group

Gathered in This Place is an Inter-tribal drum and song group for Two-Spirit, Indigenous queer and trans people and Indigenous allies including:  traditional, contemporary, rural, urban, and reservation NDNs. Gathered in This Place gathers on Coast Salish Territories.



A self described “decolonial rock’n’roll circus”, Fuuls is a band that takes no prisoners. Fronted by Nataanii Cornelius, the band aims and follows through with anthemic punk songs and trans indigenous power. The result of which is a perfectly balanced pissed-off pop destruction.

Dakota Camacho


Dakota Camacho strives to embody ináfa’maolek (Justice & Equity for all living beings and the Earth). A Matao navigaycreator, guiya (they) humbly weaves a sail for their canoe-body-spirit with ancestral knowing & sacred teachings that have guided their spiritual development.

Aiyana Reed


Aiyana Reid (Cowlitz) is a trans fluid dancer, jewelry creator, regalia maker. Aiyana graduated from Cornish with a BFA in dance and plans to continue making art that seeks to align herself and those who are reached in the pursuit, with the beauty and life force she has been raised with.

Kitty Keene with El Sueño


A performance designed to highlight interconnection within native led artistry in the modern dance world. Bringing together solo performer Queen Kitty & Indigenous led dance company El Sueno in mission to connect you to your inner Altar through a showcase of physical embodiment.


Drag Performer

Baby (Yaqui/Tohono O’odham) is a drag and burlesque artist from Los Angeles now living in Seattle. They love combining beauty, glamour, and sensuality with their punk roots to give you a show you won’t want to end!

Cherry Bepsi

Drag Performer

The rez clown bratz doll, Cherri Bepsi, Nimiipuu and Spokane Tribe. They live in Tacoma WA but they are originally from the Nez Perce Tribe Reservation in Idaho.This dancing diva will give you everything you need and more! Be ready to be served with Cherri Bepsi!

Lio Moonflower

Drag Performer

Lío Moon is a Queer Two-Spirit Trans-Nonbinary Mescalero Apache Latinx Chinese performing artist, poet and advocate for pleasure embodiment and expansion. Performance is integral to their life; it is a practice that helps them break free from colonial and societal disciplines.

Esmina Secret

Drag Performer

I am a trans 2 spirit alaskan native. I am a ballroom house mother. Always serving fish on a well embellished platter. I am for the gworls and the gworls only.

Camilla Rayz Summerz St. James

Drag Performer

Young indigenous, queer queen from northern Idaho, Miss, North Idaho gemstone, 2023, 2024 loud and proud, very high energy, and always here to slay the day away!

Genesis Storm

Drag Performer

I am the Owner/Operator of the Diamond Divas Drag Revue since 2022, which has some of the largest drag shows in Yakima, WA.

Koko Swallowz

Drag Performer

Koko Swallowz of the Yakama Nation is a 2spirit performer based out of Yakima. Performing in shows across the Pacific North West as a performer in drag shows and live theater. When Koko performs she likes to advocate for mental health awareness, MMIW, and other native issues.


Drag Performer

Seattle’s genderless trash duck. Xe are a member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. Xe were the first openly Two-Spirit person on Seattle’s Imperial Court serving as Mx. Gay Seattle.


Drag Performer

Enbeguiling is a Two-Spirit glitter-prince drag nebula with chronic pain living on unceded Muwekma Ohlone lands in so-called Oakland, CA. Ze is one part crushed pomegranate seeds, one part cosmic microwave background, one part Bio-electro-chemical Sad Boy.

Holli B. SinClair

Drag Performer

Holli B is an indigenous drag queen from The Navajo tribe . She resides in the Seattle area and has called it home for the past 7 years . Orginally from AZ, she incorporates traditional drag roots with a bit of a rock and Roll edge.

Gila Suspectum

Drag Performer

Gila Suspectum is a cryptid from PDX. They defy the sunless Pacific Northwest with their radiant scales and unmatched sass! As a two-spirit advocate and proud member of the smokez drag family, they’re proving that even without sunshine, they light up a room.



Guma’ Gela’ is a queer and trans art collective representing the Mariana Islands with a mission to cultivate and innovate the CHamoru culture through interdisciplinary artistic expression. Through collaborative work, they amplify each others’ voice and bring fantasy into reality.

DJ Libbi


DJ Libbi (She/They) mixes a variety of music genres including 80s-now hip hop, rap, R&B, dubstep, trap, bass, and bass/tech house. Though currently in Seattle, DJ Libbi is a Choctaw and Chickasaw Southern transplant, and is bringing that influence to their artistry.

Photo from Indigiqueer Festival 2023 by Jo Cosme

Photo from Indigiqueer Festival 2023 by Jo Cosme

Photo from Indigiqueer Festival 2023 by Jo Cosme

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