House That Disco July 24, 2022

House That Disco: House & Waacking Battle

Pier 62 | FREE
Sunday July 24, 2022, 4:30–9:30 pm
This event has passed

Gather at Pier 62 for a House vs Waacking Battle and outdoor dance party.

All Ages

Come for Waacking/Whacking & House battles, showcases, and dance party on Sunday, July 24th and Tuesday, July 26th! Free for all to join in – come witness, join the dance party, or compete.

This is day one of two for House That Disco on July 24 and July 26. See Day Two (July 26) here.

For competitors, register the day-of, at the event. See below for details. This is an event centered on the dance party, coming together to release and enjoy, to be witnessed. No forms of bigotry will be tolerated. See you on the dance floor!

What is Waacking / Whacking / W*acking?  W*acking originated from LA’s underground disco scene in the 70s by the Black n Latinx gay community. It’s more than just a dance, but a culture and movement about radical resistance & liberation from systemic racism by reclaiming one’s individuality, speaking our stories unapologetically, and collectively celebrating and seeing one another.

Requirements: Waivers, current covid guidelines. Feel free to show up, bring things that you may need to care for yourself (ex: water, blanket, snacks, etc).

Host: Tracey Wong

House Judge: Orb

Waacking Judge: Sheena

DJs: Magic Sean & Mac Tray

Location: Pier 62
Class recommended for: For all ages
Price: Free

House That Disco July 24, 2022

Created in partnership with dance artist Tracey Wong

Tracey Wong (she/her) is a queer Chinese-American dance artist, dance educator, and community space creator. Born and raised in Duwamish Territory (aka Seattle, WA), Tracey believes in collective healing and empowerment and lives it with her community. She is the Director of Malicious Vixens, an all-Asian American sisterhood and dance collective who love creating together and also…boba!

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