Dancing Til Dusk 2021, Photo by Adam Lu.

Dancing Til Dusk – 2023

Pier 62 | Free
Tuesday August 22, 2023, 5–8 pm
Tuesday August 29, 2023, 5–8 pm
Tuesday September 12, 2023, 5–8 pm
This event has passed

Enjoy live music and dance lessons at Pier 62, courtesy of Dancing Til Dusk.

All ages welcome!

Enjoy two evenings of free music, dance classes, and dancing at Pier 62 courtesy of Dancing Til Dusk!

The first hour is a beginning dance lesson. No partner necessary as we change partners in the lesson. If you prefer not to change partners, bring one along!

Event Details:

Aug. 22 —

  • Live music by Ben Thomas Tango Quartet
  • Tango instruction by Gwen Richard

Sept. 12 — Rescheduled due to inclement weather forecast from Aug. 29.

  • Live music by Jacqueline Tabor Jazz and Blues
  • Swing & Blues instruction by Taylor Stender and Travis Whetman

Ben Thomas Tango Quartet

Gwen Richard

Aug 22 | Ben Thomas Tango Quartet & Gwen Richard

About the Ben Thomas Tango Quartet

A favorite with Seattle dancers (and non-dancers alike) since 2007, the Ben Thomas Tango Quartet is dedicated to playing music that engages both dancers and listeners. With repertoire ranging from classic Golden Age tango to more modern and original compositions, they bring decades of combined professional experience to create a rich ensemble sound. Ben became infatuated with the bandoneon after learning to dance tango. In 2007 he went to the Academia Nacional del Tango in Buenos Aires and studied with several tango greats, including the maestro bandoneonist, Osvaldo Montes. He has been performing tango music, traditional to Nuevo and original compositions, over the last decade with Tango Abrazo, Q. E. D., and the Ben Thomas Quartet.

About Gwen Richard

Gwen brings a lifetime of movement-arts to her dancing. She has studied ballet, gymnastics, ballroom, belly dancing, Indian Kathak dancing, Flamenco, Swing, and finally found herself falling in love with Argentine tango. When she found Tango she broke up with all the other dances in her life. “I threw myself into it with no instruction and danced, blissfully unaware, for years before I figured out that I needed to actually study and work. I can appreciate how hard it is to learn Tango and what people struggle with while putting in the effort.”

Since then she has studied extensively with several traveling teachers, has trained in a close salon style of dancing, and has traveled and danced until her feet have begun demonstrating against the beautiful shoes she loves. Currently, Gwen is studying and dancing Tango at least 8 hours a week.

“I believe we should work hard at dancing, and study seriously, but also that dancing is about joy. Teachers should make you feel good about yourself, and classes should have laughter.”

Jacqueline Tabor

Taylor Stender

Travis Whetman

Aug 29 | Jacqueline Tabor Jazz and Blues, Taylor Stender, and Travis Whetman

About Jacqueline Tabor Jazz and Blues

Jacqueline Tabor, also known as the “Seattle Chanteuse,” is an accomplished jazz, blues, and swing vocalist who enchants audiences with her powerful tones, style, and dynamic stage presence. This four-time Earshot Jazz Vocalist of the Year and Seattle-Kobe Sister City Association Award Winner continues expanding her talents to entertain every audience. Tabor’s unique bluesy style and charismatic personality have made her one of the most beloved jazz vocalists and storytellers in the Pacific Northwest. Some call it the “Tabor Sound,” which is drenched in the natural rhythm of everyday life. She brings herself to every performance that encapsulates an authentic feeling of humanity. Tabor combines excitement and professionalism to everything music with a unique ensemble of Seattle’s most talented jazz musicians to create a community-centered experience.

About Taylor Stender

Taylor Stender has found a way to dance most of her life. Her first love was Lindy Hop, her true love is Balboa. She has been dancing since 2007, teaching since 2010 locally and regionally; feathers in her hat include placing and being a finalist in several national Balboa competitions. Enjoying both the social connection and self expression in Swing dance, Taylor has developed her own unique voice as a follower and instructor and strives to encourage her students to do the same. She finds value in comfortable and fun movement and you can be sure to find your own flare in her classes.

About Travis Whetman

Travis Whetman has been sharing his love of swing dancing in the Seattle area since the early 2000s. He is known for his ‘classic’ style of Balboa dancing which is no surprise given his love of watching and analyzing the dancing of such leads as Maxie Dorf, Hal Takier, and Willie Desatoff.

Class with Travis include a good balance of technique and fun moves. Also expect a good amount of corny jokes and laughs!

Dancing Til Dusk 2021. Photo by Adam Lu.

Dancing Til Dusk 2021. Photo by Adam Lu.

Dancing Til Dusk 2021. Photo by Adam Lu.

Dancing Til Dusk 2021. Photo by Adam Lu.

Dancing Til Dusk 2021. Photo by Adam Lu.

Dancing Til Dusk 2021. Photo by Adam Lu.

Dancing Til Dusk 2021. Photo by Phil Craft.

Free Sensory Kits at Pier 62

  • Heated/scented head wraps
  • Noise cancelling headphones
  • Earplugs
  • Fidget toys
  • and more!

Visit the Pier 62 Welcome Table to learn more. Valid ID required to rent out a kit. For additional access needs, ask a staff person at the Welcome Table and they will do their best to assist you.

Created in partnership with Dance for Joy!

It is our joy to teach partner dancing creatively and playfully so our students come to know the sheer joy, laughter and fun of dancing together. (Besides, dancing makes you smarter.)

Dance for Joy! gives dance lessons in Swing, West Coast Swing, Waltz and more in Seattle. We are committed to bringing the delight of holding hands and dancing the night away to you through group dance classes, private dance lessons, dance workshops and dance events. Come play with us!

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