Dancing Til Dusk 2021. Photo by Adam Lu.

Dancing Til Dusk 2022

Pier 62 | Free
Tuesday August 9, 2022, 6–9:30 pm
Tuesday August 16, 2022, 6–9:30 pm
Tuesday August 23, 2022, 6–9:30 pm
Tuesday August 30, 2022, 6–9:30 pm
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Enjoy live music and dance lessons at Pier 62, courtesy of Dancing Til Dusk.

DJ Koichi Tsunoda. Photo courtesy of artist.

Curley Taylor & Zydeco Trouble

Billy Joe Huels leads the "Billy Joe Show."

Enjoy four evenings of free music, dance classes, and dancing at Pier 62 courtesy of Dancing Til Dusk! There will be a free lesson in that evening’s style of dance from 6pm – 7pm followed by free dancing from 7pm – 9:30pm. All are welcome and no experience or partner is needed!

Event Details:

Aug. 9 — Curley Taylor and Zydeco Trouble | Louisiana Zydeco

Aug. 16 — Billy Joe Show | Honky Tonk/Swing

Aug. 23 — DJ Koichi Tsunoda | West Coast Swing

Aug. 30 — The Real Lady “A” | Blues, Soul & Funk

Curley Taylor & Zydeco Trouble

Curley Taylor & Zydeco Trouble

Aug 9
Curley Taylor and Zydeco Trouble | Louisiana Zydeco

Straight outta Southwest Louisiana, the heart of Creole country, Curley Taylor and his band, Zydeco Trouble, bring that joyful, alternately hard-driving and bluesy zydeco rhythm that keeps audiences dancing — and always leaves them shouting for more. Curley’s smooth, soulful vocals and the band’s monster grooves will have you on your feet and shakin’ to the beat all night long.

Beginning Zydeco lesson with Sean Donovan | GatorBoyProductions.com

Sean Donovan combines passion for music and dance with his great love of teaching to provide joyful, exciting dance classes for all skill levels. Positive and playful, Sean is a creative and highly effective communicator, with focus on the vital power of dance to delight and transform us. A professional instructor since 1999 and on faculty with Northwest Dance Network since 2004, Sean teaches classes year-round in addition to private and group lessons. He’s also a professional DJ, producing regular dances and providing music for your very special events.

Billy Joe Huels leads the

Billy Joe Huels leads the "Billy Joe Show."

Aug 16
Billy Joe Show | Honky Tonk/Swing

Billy Joe Huels, leader and trumpeter of the established band The Dusty 45s, has inspired and fired up crowds for over two decades from coast to coast. Beginning in 2016, when not on tour, Huels created a weekly gig in various juke joints throughout Seattle called, “The Wednesday Night Club.” He joined forces with guitarist and singer Rod Cook, upright bass player Robin Cady and drummer Kohen Burrill to form “The Billy Joe Show.”


“The Billy Joe Show” brings a dynamic sound and vintage style to the stage. They champion the foundations of American roots music, honky tonk, jump blues and rock and roll. The band belts out and delivers signature Dusty 45s tunes while mixing in classic and obscure covers ranging from Buddy Holly to Hank Williams and Louis Armstrong.

Beginning Swing lesson with Lilli Ann Carey and Claire Carey | danceforjoy.biz

Lilli Ann Carey loves to dance almost anything but focuses her teaching on Waltz, East Coast Swing, Zydeco, Polka, Foxtrot, One-Step/Blues, Fusion and a few vintage dance forms. Lilli Ann promotes dance classes, workshops and events through her company, Dance for Joy!, and is committed to developing a creative, connected and playful dance community here in Seattle. In line with that commitment, Lilli Ann also coordinates this highly successful Dancing til Dusk program for Seattle Parks and Recreation.

Claire began learning swing dance at the age of seven in 1998, and began teaching partner dance in 2008. She discovered her passion for West Coast Swing in 2010, where she has achieved multiple first placements, and competed in the All Star division. She has loved teaching Cross Step Waltz, East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Blues, Foxtrot, Nightclub Two Step, and other vintage Waltz forms in Seattle for Dance For Joy! In class, Claire specializes in empowering follows to have strong skills in connection, intuition, and self-expression. Claire and her mom, Lilli Ann have taught together both nationally and internationally, and are known for their fun, innovative, and technically-minded teaching.

DJ Koichi Tsunoda. Photo courtesy of artist.

DJ Koichi Tsunoda. Photo courtesy of artist.

Aug 23
DJ Koichi Tsunoda | West Coast Swing

Koichi is one of the most popular WCS DJ’s in Seattle and beyond — a regular at the Century Ballroom — you’ll also find him featured for the plum late night gigs at West Coast Swing conventions. Koichi has a special knack for putting together a playlist that drives the dance and the dancers. Don’t expect to sit down much — you’ll only jump to your feet when the next song comes on.

Beginning West Coast Swing lesson with Za Thomaier

A smiling black woman sits in a black letter-jacket-style coat that reads 'GOD is with,' she has glorious curls like a sunrise framing her face. The background (out of focus) appears to be a wall of white stones.

Pier Sounds 2021 concert, photo by Sunita Martini

Aug 30
The Real Lady "A" | Blues, Funk & Soul

Lady A isn’t called the “Hardest Workin’ Woman in Blues, Soul , Funk & Gospel” for nothin’. Her high energy show has been compared to the likes of Tina Turner and Chaka Khan, and with her powerful, sultry-husky voice, contemporary blues styling, and an ensemble of superb musicians, the groovy music will be pumpin’ and this joint will be jumpin’. Expect slow, smoky blues and funky dance numbers that’ll have you up and shakin’ what your mama gave you from the first song to the last.

Soul Line dance and movement with Ms. Anna | Steppers Unite, Inc.

Ms. Anna began her Soul Line Dance classes in 2006, and founded Steppers Unite Inc. in 2008 after opening her own dance studio in Columbia City. She has taught Soul Line Dance and Chicago Style Steppin’ (a partner dance) to beginner, intermediate and advanced students all over the country, on international waters, and in Jamaica. Steppers Unite Inc. was recognized in 2011 for the Special Achievement Award and 2016 for “Best Steppin’ Organization” by Emerald City Steppin’ Connection at their Annual People’s Choice Awards Event in Seattle. Also, over a 3-year period, Steppers Unite Inc.’s Soul Line Dancers participated in the Columbia City Heritage Parade and received the 2016 “Spirit Award” and 2017 ”Best Choreography” Award. Most recently, Steppers Unite Inc.’s “Dancin’ into Spring Event” and Ms. Anna were 1 of 3 presented with a 2018 West Coast “Event/Promoter of the Year” Award from Phamily Steppers Inc. of Los Angeles, CA.

Currently in the Seattle/Tacoma area, Ms. Anna has the only private Chicago Style Steppin’ and Soul Line Dance Studio and is teaching the largest weekly ‘FREE” Soul Line Dance class at Garfield Community Center in Seattle on EVERY Saturday from 10am—12pm. Steppers Unite Inc. has hosted the “Dancin’ into Spring” Annual event for 9 years (pre-Covid19) and donates to a worthy charity or wounded veteran every year. Ms. Anna is proud of her community and loves to give back. Her vision is to teach the art of Soul Line Dance and Chicago Style Steppin’ to anyone willing to learn while exercising and having fun.

Dancing Til Dusk 2021. Photo by Adam Lu.

Dancing Til Dusk 2021. Photo by Adam Lu.

Dancing Til Dusk 2021. Photo by Adam Lu.

Dancing Til Dusk 2021. Photo by Adam Lu.

Dancing Til Dusk 2021. Photo by Adam Lu.

Dancing Til Dusk 2021. Photo by Adam Lu.

Dancing Til Dusk 2021. Photo by Phil Craft.

Created in partnership with Dance for Joy!

It is our joy to teach partner dancing creatively and playfully so our students come to know the sheer joy, laughter and fun of dancing together. (Besides, dancing makes you smarter.)

Dance for Joy! gives dance lessons in Swing, West Coast Swing, Waltz and more in Seattle. We are committed to bringing the delight of holding hands and dancing the night away to you through group dance classes, private dance lessons, dance workshops and dance events. Come play with us!

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