Sound Journey Meditation on Wednesdays by Mary Ann Stancel

Sound Journey Meditation 2023

Pier 62 | Free
Wednesday July 5, 2023, 7:15–7:45 pm
Wednesday July 12, 2023, 7:15–7:45 pm
Wednesday July 19, 2023, 7:15–7:45 pm
Wednesday July 26, 2023, 7:15–7:45 pm
Wednesday August 2, 2023, 7:15–7:45 pm
Wednesday August 9, 2023, 7:15–7:45 pm
Wednesday August 16, 2023, 7:15–7:45 pm
Wednesday August 23, 2023, 7:15–7:45 pm
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You will be guided through a peaceful and healing 30‑minute meditation using words and sound to take you to a peaceful state of mind. Pre‑registration is encouraged, but drop‑ins are still welcome: Wednesdays, July through August 23.

Sound Journey Meditation's Energy Healing (Wednesdays)

Sound Journey Meditation led by Mary Ann Stancel. 2022.

Mary Ann Stancel leads Sound Journey Meditation on Pier 62. Photo by Outside Thinc.

📢 UPDATE 7/5/23: Today’s class has been canceled due to unhealthy air conditions.

This class will provide a way for you to relax, unwind, de-stress and release energy that has been pent up so you can receive all the love and peace within. Energy healing will be infused throughout this time together.

You will be guided through a peaceful and healing 30-minute meditation using words and sound to take you to a peaceful state of mind. This class is for someone who is new to meditation or even those seasoned in meditation.

Meditation is known to help bring your mind and body into a parasympathetic state of mind (rest and digest) to help bring healing within you. Studies have shown that the more you are able to experience meditation and mindfulness into your life, you’ll experience being more present, able to handle stress better, decrease high blood pressure, feel more relaxed and improve brain function.

Sound Healing really touches upon the vibrational energy within us and relieves stress by drawing your body into a centered space. Some benefits of Sound Healing: provides instantaneous deep states of relaxation, turns off the ‘fight or flight’ mode and activates the ‘rest and digest’ mode, improves mental clarity and brain functioning, increases your level of physical energy and mental concentration, brings balance to brainwave activity, and enhances cell vitality, vascular flow.

Please arrive promptly to secure your spot. The class will be held outdoors. Waivers are required. Dress comfortably for the weather, bring a yoga mat or blanket (if desired), and water bottle. Chairs available on site.

Need more mid-week wellness? Come early for Yoga with Atlee Treasure, 6pm – 6:50pm (July 5 through August 30.).

Attendees must read and agree to a waiver in order to participate in this activity. You may do this virtually via the Eventbrite page linked below.

Photo by Devin Muñoz.

Photo by Devin Muñoz.

Meet the Instructor: Mary Ann Stancel

Mary Ann Stancel (MaryAnn) is a Nurse Intuitive Energy Practitioner & Spiritual guide and founder of Ignited Soul. She is of half Korean descent from mother side and half German & Czech descent from father side. She holds space for individuals and groups in support of healing their heart through the release of emotions and energy to feel the freedom, happiness and alignment in their lives. Her healings and messages speak and guide others to reclaim their power, their voice, and heart and learn how to hear their own soul and intuition through a foundation of love. She believes everyone has the power to heal and be their own healer.

HER WORK INVOLVES: Using a variety of energy healing modalities, Hands on Energy Healing (reiki), Sacred space holder, Soul connections, disconnecting from the energy of the experience, medical illness support, energetic release work, shifting thought processes, soul searching journeys, healing the physical body, medicine weaver, vibrational energy, Mother Earth Energy, working with plants and the elements, Active Breathwork Facilitator, Sound Healer, Light language, Intuitive messages, and Heart Centered Hypnotherapy.

She gives honor to the lineages, land, ancestors, spirit, mother earth, energy, medicines, elements, plant medicines that she learned from, was birthed from, guided with and supported through to be able to hold the spaces that she is doing now. And continues to welcome evolution and growth.

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