Visitors enjoying an afternoon at Waterfront Park during a Spotlight series event featuring Supersones. Photo by Jo Cosme.

Join Us for Free Summer Events at Waterfront Park!

This summer, enjoy over 75 free events at Pier 62 from June 27 to September 29. Follow the link below to see our full programming lineup!

Photo of the FREE Waterfront Shuttle by Jo Cosme

Find Your Way to the Waterfront

Visit our new transit resource to learn more about the different ways to access Seattle’s new 20‑acre park.

Friends of Waterfront Seattle is now Friends of Waterfront Park!

This rebrand reflects our commitment to stewarding, programming, and celebrating Seattle’s vibrant 20‑acre Waterfront Park, set to open in early 2025.

Two audience members share an excited embrace, sundae in hand. Photo by Jo Cosme.

Reconnect with nature and each other at Waterfront Park

Green spaces, bike lanes, and pedestrian‑focused infrastructure are coming to Seattle's new 20‑acre public park.

Two individuals sitting on the shore of Pioneer Square Habitat Beach. Photo by Jason Merges.

Aerial photo of the Overlook Walk and Ocean Pavilion construction site by Tim Rice, courtesy of the City of Seattle.

Photo of the view from Overlook Walk, courtesy of the City of Seattle.

Your Guide to Waterfront Park

Discover the evolution of Seattle’s iconic waterfront in our comprehensive guide! Find more information about the different features coming to this 20-acre public space and enjoy striking visuals that capture the park’s transformation through the years.

Photo of the Waterfront Shuttle from 2023 by Riwa Sabbak

Photo of the Waterfront Shuttle from 2023 by Riwa Sabbak

Accessibility Resources

Discover our new accessibility page! At Friends, we are dedicated to making spaces that are accessible and welcoming to all. Explore our new accessibility resources by following the link below.

Render of the new public restroom courtesy of the City of Seattle.

Photo of the foundation of the new public restroom along the Park Promenade. Courtesy of the City of Seattle.

Construction Update: Waterfront Restrooms

From our partners at the Office of the Waterfront and Civic Projects: “Construction of the all-gender public restroom, located on the Park Promenade between Union and University streets, will begin as early as Monday, June 24. Expect the work zone to narrow the space for people walking during work hours.  Work on the restroom will take approximately 6 months to complete.”

Pier Party tickets on sale now!

Tickets, including sliding scale options, are now available for Pier Party!

Friends of Waterfront Park’s 2nd annual fundraiser will feature a night of inspiring art and performances, James Beard award winning food and drinks, and a look into the bright future of Seattle’s Waterfront Park!

Get your tickets today and join us on July 26th for an unforgettable night!