waterfront vibes: Randy Ford

Playlist Curator: Randy Ford

Randy Ford (She/Her/Goddess) is a Seattle-born Creative. She created and co-produced her first full-length evening show QUEEN STREET at Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute with CD Forum in September 2019.

She takes part in many collaborations and collectives: Au Collective, DANDY, The Living Room podcast, and recently, the WA Black Trans Task Force.

The Playlist

Randy’s Waterfront Vibes

“This playlist is a collection of some of my favorite PNW Black local artists. Some of the artists are my closest and dearest friends. They all inspire me to create my own music (COMING SOON). There’s a mixture of peaceful tunes, trap beats, rap, R&B, and something you can twerk to. ENJOY!”

About waterfront vibes: the playlists

Check out waterfront vibes: the playlists, a series of melodies and beats to elevate your Seattle waterfront experience. Curated by local artists, leaders, and emerging voices, these waterfront playlists feature a blend of musical genres and moods to enhance your seaside visit.

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