Visitors at Pier 62 enjoy a cloudless summer day at Pier 62 as they sit and watch a performance by Cuban Son group, SuperSones.

Supersones performance at Spotlight on the Waterfront 2023. Photo by Jo Cosme.

Open Call: Seeking New Programs

Be a part of something extraordinary! Whether you’re a performer drawn to the spotlight and stage, someone who values health and wellness in your community, or a person who thrives on recreation and play, your journey at Waterfront Park starts here. Apply today and be part of making history!

Seeking applicants for 2025 Grand Opening Season! We’re longer accepting applications for 2024 programming. If you’d like to be considered for future opportunities, please follow the link below.

About the Process

Friends is launching a pilot open call process to create a more accessible pipeline for prospective partners, performing artists, and recreation class instructors to utilize Waterfront Park for showcasing their talents, music, and rich cultural heritage with a diverse audience.

Through this equitable open call process, Friends aims to create a sustainable and inclusive platform that values diversity, supports underrepresented artists and coaches, and fosters a sense of belonging and community engagement.

Who Can Apply?

The open call invites individuals and groups that are interested in bringing their events and programs to Waterfront Park.

Technical and logistical support, as well as compensation, will be provided to all programming partners.

Performing artists may include, but is not limited to:

  • Musicians/bands
  • Dance groups/individuals
  • Storytellers.

Recreation activities may include, but is not limited to:

  • Yoga
  • Zumba
  • Dance
  • Meditation
  • Classic sports
  • E-sports
  • Outdoor play and games

Is Your Idea a Good Fit?

  • Is your talent all-ages appropriate for families with young children?
  • Does your event engage diverse audiences and promote inclusivity?
  • Is your idea open and accessible to the general public?
  • Does your proposal comply with the safety regulations and guidelines of the park? These rules are intended to provide, preserve, and protect Waterfront Park as a public space for the safe enjoyment of all that Seattle’s Central Waterfront has to offer.
  • Can the implementation of your idea be conducted outdoors?

If you answered yes to these questions, we’d love to hear from you!

DANDY performs at Spotlight on the Waterfront in 2023.

DANDY performs at Spotlight on the Waterfront in 2023.

Submit Your Application

Seeking partners for our 2025 Grand Opening Season!

Have an idea for a future program? Please follow the link below and fill out the form.

If you need technical assistance, have any accommodation requests or additional questions, you may reach out to [email protected]. Please include your name and phone number if you would like us to call you. We will get back to you in 4 business days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Applications are open until March 12th at midnight. Finalists are notified by April 1st. The 2024 calendar will be set by April 15th. Programming will be held from June-September. We anticipate that the next Open Call for 2025 Grand Opening will open in September 2024.  If you complete the interest form, you will be notified when the process opens.

The selection process is broken into two phases, the internal review and committee selection.

  • Step 1 – Internal Review: The Friends team will reach out to applicants to address any questions or concerns. The team will assess applications, verifying their alignment with essential and mandatory criteria.
  • Step 2 -Committee Selection: Friends’ community advisory committees will assess the finalists’ applications. Subsequently, these committees will make the final decisions on the program partners for 2024.

There are several parking garages along Alaskan Way and Western Avenue. Street parking is free on Sundays. Friends of Waterfront may or may not be able to provide 1 parking pass to the Pike Place Market Garage per each Spotlight and Movement, Wellness, and play partners depending on the terms your agreement contract.

Yes, financial support will be provided and can range from a couple hundred dollars to a couple thousand dollars depending on the terms of your agreement contract.

Friends of Waterfront Seattle will help to support your program with production and marketing depending on the terms of your agreement contract.

It depends on the location. If the event is hosted on Pier 62 there is a 16 x 16 ft stage that you are welcome to use, but you are also more than welcome to utilize the concrete pier if you’d prefer.

Yes, you are welcome to submit multiple years in a row.

Yes, the Spotlight series is hosted on Thursday evenings from 6-8 pm, but the Movement, Wellness, and Play programs are flexible to other days.

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