New plants can be found next to Buster Simpson's SeaBearers sculptures. Photos courtesy of the City of Seattle.

Happy Earth Month!

 Celebrate Earth Month by learning about Waterfront Park’s impact on environmental conservation, how it’s bringing greenery to downtown Seattle’s urban jungle, and how it’s rehabilitating precious, natural habitats along the shoreline.

Reimagining Seattle's Central Shoreline

An oldie but a goodie — this animation features a brief overview of the Waterfront Park project and how different features will be providing crucial support to the local environment.

Greening Seattle's Urban Shoreline

In this video, our partners from the Seattle Aquarium and the University of Washington School of Aquatics and Fishery Sciences tell us about how different features of Waterfront Park will help support the health of the Puget Sound and the local ecosystem. Captions available.

Created in partnership with the Seattle Aquarium
Streetside plantings along Seattle's new waterfront

Photo by Land Morphology, courtesy of the City of Seattle

New plants can be found next to Buster Simpson's SeaBearers sculptures. Photos courtesy of the City of Seattle.

Photo of new bike lanes facing north, featuring the Marion Street Pedestrian Bridge in the background. Courtesy of the City of Seattle.

A Sustainable Waterfront Park

Waterfront Park is more than just an urban public space; it’s part of a massive ecosystem that feeds into rivers and tributaries that spread across the region and beyond.

Through years of research, design, and evaluations, the city created what would eventually become the framework and concept for how environmental conservation and sustainability would be built into the park. Check out the resources linked below to learn about how the park is helping mitigate climate change, supporting local wildlife, and so much more!

You can also visit the Office of the Waterfront and Civic Projects‘ website to find additional information about the Environemtal Review Process and all things related to construction along the waterfront.

Now Open: Pioneer Square Habitat Beach

Habitat Beach. Image by Erik Holsather.

Connect with Nature

Did you know? This Pioneer Square Habitat Beach is manmade! Through reclaiming the shoreline, the city was able to add more nearshore vegetation and landscaping that supports local marine life and mitigates soil erosion. Find more information about how the beach was built by visiting the city’s page below.