Four people stand discussing a painting in ARTE NOIR's Gallery Onyx.

Photo by The Elite Collective courtesy of ARTE NOIR.

GivingTuesday 2022: ARTE NOIR

This GivingTuesday, Friends of Waterfront Seattle is supporting ARTE NOIR in their fundraising efforts. ARTE NOIR was founded by Vivian Phillips, a veteran arts producer, marketer, and civic advocate, and someone who has been an integral partner in our work on the waterfront for years. Most recently, Vivian hosted Friends CEO Joy Shigaki on DoubleXposure, a podcast she co-hosts with Marcie Silman, in a conversation on the history and future of Seattle’s waterfront.

ARTE NOIR is dedicated to supporting Black art, artists, and culture in Seattle. Since 2021, ARTE NOIR has been publishing an online magazine, as well as running a gallery and storefront in the historic Central District.

We talked with Vivian about ARTE NOIR and the importance of honoring Black creativity in our city:

Vivian Phillips speaks at ARTE NOIR's grand opening with Executive Director Jazmyn Scott in September 2021. Photo by The Elite Collective, courtesy of ARTE NOIR.

Vivian Phillips speaks at ARTE NOIR's grand opening with Executive Director Jazmyn Scott in September 2021. Photo by The Elite Collective, courtesy of ARTE NOIR.

What is the origin of ARTE NOIR?

Arte Noir originated from a desire to give more prominence to the abundance of Black art, artists and Black culture that is alive and vibrant in our communities, lives and in the world.


How did it go from a publication to a physical space?

The publication was launched during the process of my involvement in creating the Midtown Square art plan.  The opportunity to situate a physical space at the nexus of the Black community arose, and it only made sense to expand the original ARTE NOIR mission to the physical space.


What does it mean to have a physical space in the Central District that features Black art, artists, and culture?

It means that we, Black people, are not just images of the past. We are a continuing part of our community’s heritage, in ways that tell the stories of our experiences – by us, for us, and we are creators of our own destiny.


What art is currently featured in Gallery Onyx and in the storefront?

Gallery Onyx continues to highlight pieces from the Truth B Told II exhibit.


What’s on the horizon for ARTE NOIR? And for Black arts & culture in Seattle?

Our immediate plan is to solidify our future by moving forward with a purchase of the space.  With ownership we can ensure that Black artists will always have a home where their work is celebrated, respected, and available to the public.


How can folks support your work?

ARTE NOIR’s physical space is welcoming for everyone.  Patronizing the retail store and the gallery is of the utmost importance to us, because every purchase supports a Black creator.  The second most important form of support is to make a fully tax-deductible donation in support of our mission.

A young Black girl stares at an art piece of an abstract black person with a yellow crown.

Photo by Michael B Maine courtesy ARTE NOIR All Rights Reserved.

A dozen dressed up individuals look at art in the Black Onyx gallery space at ARTE NOIR.

Photo by the Elite Collective courtesy of ARTE NOIR.

What do you want to see, eat, and do on the waterfront?

Want to plan an event? Have an idea for an activity? We want to hear from you! Waterfront Park is committed to serving the needs of its diverse communities through cultural, educational, and recreational activities in a beautiful, welcoming environment.