waterfront vibes: Tracey Wong

Tracey Wong, photo by Andrew Imanaka

Tracey Wong, photo by Andrew Imanaka

Playlist Curator: Tracey Wong

Tracey Wong (she/her) is a queer Chinese-American dance artist, dance educator, and community space creator. Born and raised in Duwamish Territory (aka Seattle), Tracey believes in collective healing and empowerment, and lives it with her community.

She is the Director of Malicious Vixens, an all-Asian-American sisterhood and dance collective who love creating together and also … boba!

The Playlist

waterfront vibes with tracey wong

“I love this playlist! Each and every one of these songs hold a beautiful memory in my life—all of the dance parties, the songs I would listen to while falling in love, bumpin’ these tracks so loud with my cousins in the car. These songs bring me back to so many of these beautiful moments.”


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