waterfront vibes: Nicole Suyama

Playlist Curator: Nicole Suyama 

Nicole Suyama (she/her) is the Program Manager for Seattle-based Native American youth theater program, Red Eagle Soaring. She is the reigning North American Champion of the World Karaoke Tour since 2019, a karaoke host, and sings back-up for Eric Blu & The Soul Revue.

She has starred in a variety of theatre/film productions in the Seattle area, including the Best Film of Seattle’s 2018 48-hour horror film project, “Master Control.”

The Playlist

Water Is Life

“TMni Wiconi, Lakota for “Water is Life,” gained popularity in recent years as Indigenous peoples began protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline, aka the black snake threatening to poison sacred lands. However, Water has always been sacred, especially here, to everyone inhabiting this Duwamish territory.”


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