waterfront vibes: KP of Black Belt Eagle Scout

KP of Black Belt Eagle Scout by Sarah Cass

KP of Black Belt Eagle Scout by Sarah Cass

Playlist Curator: KP of Black Belt Eagle Scout 

KP (she/they) of Black Belt Eagle Scout (BBES) is a musician from the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community in so-called Washington State. KP’s love for music started at a young age when her dad sang her to sleep with Coast Salish lullabies.

The passion from her Swinomish and Inupiaq upbringing drives her creativity. BBES has traveled across Turtle Island on tour, and has multiple albums on Saddle Creek.

The Playlist

waterfront vibes: stories of the past and what the future holds by Black Belt Eagle Scout

“Some of these songs included on the playlist will enable listeners to catch a phrase in a beautiful melody, and center on that phrase. Others tunes have great beats that are uplifting and bring joy. And a few are so hauntingly beautiful that they will bring peace.”

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