View the sunset from Pier 62. Photo by Robert Wade.

FUTURE / Pier 63

On view through a virtual environment

About Future

Pier 63, which is currently closed for public safety, inspired Friends of Waterfront Seattle’s Artist In Residence, Takiyah Ward, to reflect on our collective future. She asked local youth artists “How do you envision the future?” and offered guiding prompts: project, forecast, predict, calculate, gauge, expect, extrapolate, plan, imagine.

“The future is a time we all like to envision but it belongs to the youth. The future will be your moment, your movement, your revolution. The beauty of the future is our ability to dream in the present what a future reality can be. Right now, it is more important than ever for us to dream big. And it is equally important for adults and elders to listen to the youth and empower them. Far too long have your voices been filtered through the adults in charge, I say let the youth lead the way.”

While Pier 63 is not open, we invite you to view and experience these artworks in our virtual waterfront environment.

"Connections Through Music," 2020, Evelynn Li, digital art

"Ken at Alki," 2020, Jac Oliver Trautman, photographs

"Blooming Through Concrete," 2020, Marcus Jackson, acrylic and spray paint on canvas

"Changes I," 2020, Rey Daoed, acrylic on canvas

"Death beds to what was built and must be destroyed," 2020, Tyler Ung, digital illustration

Meet the Artists


Evelynn is an artist based in Seattle and currently attending the University of Washington. Her passion for art developed at a young age and is influenced by her dream for equity and a mission to spread awareness of social issues. She loves experimenting with varied styles and mediums.


Jac is a member of the Duwamish tribe and grew up by the Seattle waterfront. He is a photographer and artist. He is interested in how people project their idea of landscape on the world.


Marcus is African American and grew up in Seattle. He is currently attending Pitzer College in Southern California. Marcus has had a passion for the visual arts since he was old enough to grasp a pencil and put it to paper. His current focus is creating large mixed media abstract paintings. Marcus is also a huge Marvel enthusiast.


Rey grew up in Seattle. Diagnosed with autism and apraxia of speech, typing, handwriting, and text-to-speech apps are his preferred method of communication. Rey began painting in 2015. His award-winning work has been featured in group exhibitions both locally and abroad.

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Tyler is Chinese-American and calls Seattle his hometown. He earned an honors degree in environmental studies and a double-minor in environmental science and education at the University of Washington. Tyler is a self-taught illustrator and photographer and an avid coffee drinker and climber.


About the 2020 Future Forward Artist‑In‑Residence Program

Friends of Waterfront Seattle, in partnership with the City of Seattle’s Office of the Waterfront and Civic Projects, welcomes you to experience the multimedia experiences created through our 2020 Future Forward Artist-In-Residence program.

This project was led by our first-ever Artist In Residence, Takiyah Ward, who envisioned the waterfront as a backdrop to explore the notion, “What is the Truth?” With the conceptual framework of Past, Present, and Future, Takiyah gathered a community of multi-generational storytellers and artists from diverse communities to share their unique experiences and perspectives. We invite you to reflect on these prompts that Takiyah shared with the artists: remember, learn, discern, determine, imagine.

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