Introducing Friends of Waterfront Park!

We've Rebranded: New look, new name, same Friends!

Seattle’s Waterfront Park: A Legacy in the Making

We are thrilled to announce that Friends of Waterfront Seattle has rebranded to Friends of Waterfront Park! This transformation marks a significant milestone in our journey as we continue our mission to steward, fundraise, and activate Waterfront Park. With the 20-acre park’s grand opening set for early 2025, this rebrand is more than just a name change—it’s a declaration of our dedication to this world-class public space, now and into the future.

Transforming Seattle’s Shoreline

For 60 years, the viaduct cast its shadow on the shoreline, obstructing views of the water by prioritizing cars over people and disconnecting the waterfront from the city. The viaduct was removed in 2019, and the City of Seattle began construction of an expanded 20-acre Waterfront Park in the footprint of the former highway.

The design for today’s 20-acre Waterfront Park responds to the public’s overwhelming call for an open, accessible waterfront—one that reconnects the city to its coastline just as it restores the health of the nearshore environment. Planning began in 2009, with more than 400 public meetings, visioning sessions, and environmental reviews. Shaped by tens of thousands of voices gathered through a rigorous public process, Waterfront Park fulfills the community’s vision for a central waterfront for all of Seattle. Emerging out of 10 years of public comment, the completed design of Waterfront Park emphasizes connectivity—between people and place, past and present, sea and shore.

The new Overlook Walk superimposed on an image of the Viaduct from the same vantage point.

A Vision Realized

For over a decade, we’ve partnered with the City of Seattle to bring the vision of a vibrant, inclusive Waterfront Park to life. As Joy Shigaki, our President & CEO, states, “At Friends of Waterfront Park, we’ve been integral partners in the journey to bring Seattle’s vision for a vibrant waterfront to life. Our new look and name reflect our commitment to cultivating community, fostering pride in our city, and inviting everyone to be a part of the excitement that is the full 20-acre Waterfront Park.”

A Fresh Identity

Our new brand introduces dynamic new colors inspired by the natural and built environments of Waterfront Park, including salmonberry, wild orchid, and friendly green. These vibrant hues embody the warmth and vibrancy of the park, inviting Seattleites to engage in a multitude of activities—from dancing and singing to gathering and connecting—all while celebrating the beauty of this space and our city.

Central to our new identity is the concept of “shape language,” a visual representation of the forms found throughout Waterfront Park. These abstract frame shapes, inspired by elements such as beach boulders, the iconic overlook walk, and the boardwalk, serve as windows into the diverse experiences awaiting visitors. We grounded the visual elements of the rebrand in the actual forms, shapes, and colors you can find at Waterfront Park,” said Kristine Matthews, Founding Principal at Studio Matthews. “We wanted to create a new brand that not only captured the beauty of the physical park, but was designed specifically to showcase the diversity of people and programs activating this new public space.”

Invitation to Engage

Our rebranding is more than a visual update; it’s a call to action. As Shigaki explains, “We wanted our rebranding to not only reflect the essence of Waterfront Park but also to serve as a beacon of invitation and inclusivity for all. Through our vibrant new identity, we hope to inspire Seattleites to join us and support our critical work now, through the Campaign for Waterfront Park, and well into the future as we look to celebrate this incredible addition to our city that will open in its entirety in early 2025. The campaign is 89% to the goal and we welcome the entire community to be part of this historic effort.”

Shiva Shafii, our Marketing and Communications Director, emphasizes, “Though the name change may seem small, the shift to Friends of Waterfront Park from Friends of Waterfront Seattle represents a bold step forward in our mission to cultivate community and pride for Seattle and this new world-class civic space. Waterfront Park—once fully open—will hold a special place in the hearts of residents and visitors alike, and we are committed to ensuring that it becomes and remains a vibrant and inclusive space for generations to come.”

Join Us in This New Era

As we approach the grand opening of Waterfront Park, Friends of Waterfront Park invites you to be part of this exciting new chapter. Over the next year, we will continue fundraising for the nearly complete $170M Campaign for Waterfront Park, developing a season of free community programs and events at Pier 62, managing accessibility initiatives like the Free Downtown Shuttle to Waterfront Park, and engaging diverse communities to co-plan a powerful grand opening season of events and activities for 2025.