Join us December 11 & 12 for the Africatown Soul Holiday Market! You can find events and programs at Pier 62 all year round.

close up of Seattle Waterfront Project model

Image by Nicole Dansereau


Your gift will unlock the difference between a great park and a defining place for our city.

Sustainability, equity, beauty, and culture are what we value about Seattle — and it’s what we want to preserve for generations to come. With a gift to Friends of Waterfront Seattle, you will put these values at the heart of Waterfront Park, and shape the future of our city on the waterfront.

Through a $200 million effort to fund park construction, recreational and cultural programs, maintenance, and reserves, your gift will leverage almost $1 billion in public funds to realize the full potential of Waterfront Park and ensure it is sustained as a landmark space well into the future.

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What do you want to see, eat, and do on the waterfront?

Want to plan an event? Have an idea for an activity? We want to hear from you! Waterfront Park is committed to serving the needs of its diverse communities through cultural, educational, and recreational activities in a beautiful, welcoming environment.