Friends’ First Fundraising Event on Pier 62. Tickets on Sale! Join us at Pier Party on Wednesday, September 27.

GivingTuesday on Pier 62

Support our Partners this GivingTuesday

Partnership is what makes our work at Pier 62 and Waterfront Park possible. We work with dozens of individuals, groups, and organizations to program, operate, and maintain a space where anyone can visit and feel at home and represented by the art, food, and activities that take place on a daily basis at the park.

This GivingTuesday, we’d like to show our gratitude and highlight some of our partners who not only play an integral role at Pier 62, but also do incredible work in their communities. We hope you’ll take a moment to learn about these amazing organizations, how they operate and who they serve, and how we all benefit from their work. Consider making a gift to the organizations below this giving season.

Black Heritage Society of Washington State

The Black Heritage Society of Washington State is the trusted keeper and advocate for the largest public collection and legacies of African American memorabilia in the state. As stewards of the archive, BHS is committed to document, educate, and lift the history of Black people and places that contribute to the vitality of our region and more broadly to our nation’s history.

Wa Na Wari

Wa Na Wari creates space for ​Black ownership, possibility, and belonging ​through art, historic preservation, and connection. Referred to as a “container for Black joy,” Wa Na Wari incubates and amplifies Black art and belonging while providing a safe space for organizing and movement building.

Their work:

  • Builds on a legacy of Black resilience and self determination.
  • Centers Black creativity through free art exhibits, film screenings, performances, and workshops.
  • Organizes for Black-led, arts-based solutions to displacement and economic vulnerability.
  • Builds meaningful economic pathways for Black artists and homeowners.

Suquamish Foundation via the Suquamish Museum

The Suquamish Foundation is a tribally chartered, nonprofit organization created in 2005 as a conduit for funding Tribal projects and programs.

In May 2018, the Suquamish Tribe reclaimed significant shoreline and land that was previously a large part of the original Port Madison Reservation.

Reclaim is a word that when defined has several different meanings:  “take back,” “make new,” “set right.” The reclamation of the Suquamish Shores property is all three.

In the first phase, the Suquamish Tribe envisions a children’s playground inspired by Native stories and legends. Native artists will have spaces for carving and weaving.  A covered area will provide the perfect picnic gathering space for family celebrations and community events, while surrounded by Indigenous plants and trees.

The Suquamish Foundation’s work supports the development and transformation of this reclaimed land to make dreams come true in a revitalized Suquamish community.

We Move to Give brings people together around fitness and exercise.

Photo by April Jingco

We Move to Give

We Move to Give (WM2G) was founded with one simple mission: to break down the socioeconomic barriers to fitness. They know that fitness is an important part of an active, healthy lifestyle, and their goal is to create a space that is inclusive and safe for everyone to improve their fitness while having fun and making new friends!

They offer free Zumba classes each week as well as monthly events throughout Western Washington. All of WM2G’s classes are taught by a dedicated, volunteer team of licensed Zumba instructors. Classes are accessible to people of all fitness levels — the only requirement is that you have FUN! WM2G offers socially-distanced, in-person classes as well as online options for select events.

Their classes and events are open to the public, so come as you are and join the “Free Fitness for All” movement! Everyone is welcome, including unicorns!

To make a gift to We Move to Give, click the link below to be directed to Sea Mar Community Health Center’s secure payment site, We Move to Give’s partner organization. From there, you can use the drop-down menu titled “Designation” to select We Move to Give and ensure your donation is routed directly to them.

Friends' First Fundraising Event on Pier 62

Tickets on Sale! Join us at Pier Party on Wednesday, September 27.